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Follow Homeira as she takes you on a journey stimulating all of the senses. 

Experience her art using sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. She is here to push you to experience life through the freshest of eyes. Get ready to think, live, and celebrate out of the box. 


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Homeira balances her business venture “artSAVOR Herb & Spices Blends”, cooking, tablescaping, fashioning, traveling, and celebrating life occasions while running TIME 4 ART, her non-profit art educational organization she has chaired and programmed for over two decades. The foundation supports and enhances cultural awareness for visual and performing arts. 

Releasing soon, Homiera has curated over 50 of her original creations into an artful book of recipes that might to inspire your next meal. Pre-order your copy today!

The simplest pleasures from cooking to design and form to fashion and Contemporary art can greatly enhance and elevate your lifestyle. By exercising your creativity, every day can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.



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verb (Italian)

"to see"

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