Featured Artist

Kati Q. Gaschler

Kati's love for photography began in high school but she didn't find her niche until later. Her earliest interest in architecture was piqued in her college art history class when she learned about Notre Dame de Paris and Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. As the daughter of an artist and art historian and the wife of a pastor, becoming a church photographer was a natural path. Kati loves the intersection of photography, architecture, and faith which can be found in light. Places that were built to worship the Light of the World quite literally shine with light from the outside world through stained glass. Meticulously-designed architectural features allow light to fall in just the perfect spots. The true beauty is in the architecture; Kati is simply there to notice and capture what can be found there.

This project is set to be put into print later this year in a book written and researched by Lee Little and photographed by Kati. It will outline Indianapolis's rich religious history by focusing on 30-40 churches in the city built prior to 1950 from all denominations and architectural types. For updates on the project, Lee and Kati can be followed on instagram at @oldchurchesindy and @katiqphotos, respectively. 


verb (Italian)

"to see"

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