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Allison Davis

Witness to life & beauty. Photographer. Writer. Creator. Dreamer & Doer.

Allison Davis' award-winning work as a wedding photographer for 13 years, extensive travel, and love of creation propelled her to create "Revealed at the Edge" as her debut photography book. She prayerfully explored the coast amidst the pandemic's pause on day-to-day life to create, to share her love of natural beauty in the world and her personal reflections on landscapes as reflections of the seasons of the soul.

Hopeful in moving forward as a fine art landscape photographer and writer, Allison is launching her first Kickstarter campaign to fund her first print run of "Revealed at the Edge," a 562 page vibrant and honest depiction of her 30-day journey to photograph 3116 miles of the American west coast.



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Bring the adventure and beauty of the West Coast into your home and your hands. Take a visual journey along the West Coast in this Fine Art Collection of vibrant and raw landscapes.

Support Allison as an artist, maker, creator, storyteller & photographer, as someone longing to highlight the natural & rugged beauty in the world. When you buy "Revealed at the Edge," you're buying a piece of her heart, a piece of her passion, & supporting her to continue the search for untouched, wild beauty in the world.

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This was a journey to create & be creative.
To be a witness to life & beauty amidst an incredibly challenging time collectively & individually...To find my voice as an artist after losing the business I'd created over the last 13 years. I'm thrilled to share the artwork
I created it during this adventure. I hope it will inspire you to see the world differently, to chase your dreams & to journey well throughout your own adventure.



Learn more: Revealed at the Edge


verb (Italian)

"to see"

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