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About Vedere Press:

Located at 753 Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis, Vedere Press is a boutique press & commission-free studio crafting high-quality coffee table books for artists, photographers, and businesses.


We certainly don’t believe that one size fits all—especially when it comes to art. We are fully committed to creating the highest quality books that maintain the integrity of your work. 

Design & Formatting Process:

We work with you to design your book. Nothing goes to the printer without your approval.

Please complete the contact form to begin the process to submit your work.

Printing Process:

The Vedere Press commitment to quality continues in the binding department where we offer perfect binding, case binding, and  saddle stitching. Mueller Martini binders are at the heart of our bindery, allowing us to have rigorous standards to ensure the quality  of the binding strength. Our Heidelberg, eight-color offset printing process accurately reproduces rich colors, down to the finest detail. Before a book is shipped to our customer, it meets stringent value test requirements as part of the ongoing  effort to produce books of excellence.  

• When the files are submitted with color profile GRACoL 2006, please allow 3-5 days for review.

• After pre-press, we will print the cover and interior for you to review.

• Once you sign off on proof, we complete the print run!

• Turnaround time to get your book in your hands is currently 58 days.

We Offer:

• Hardcover, Softcover, & Cloth Cover Options

• 40 -100# Interior Paper  (Coated/Uncoated, Matte/Gloss)

• Dust Jackets

• Custom Endsheets

• Custom Headbands/Tailbands

• Foil Stamping

• Spot Gloss/UV/Matte

• Embossing

• Perfect Binding 

• Casebinding — PUR Adhesive 

• Casebinding — Smyth Sewn 

• And Much More!

Distribution process:

Unlike traditional publishers, our authors retain 100% ownership of their content and receive 100% of their royalties. We offer various distribution options that range from authors distributing all of their books on their own, to us taking care of 100% of the distribution—and everything in between! Based on your needs, we’ll help you decide which option is best for you!