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Allison Davis

Fueled by passion, a love of the coast and an abundance of time thanks to the global pandemic of 2020, photographer & writer Allison Davis pursued beauty to create this curated coastal journey.

With a car, a camera, and a dream, she set off with the goal of capturing all that she could—amidst COVID-19, amidst isolation and quarantine mandates, and amidst the western wildfires raging up and down the coast. In fact, one of the most remarkable aspects of Allison Davis’ collection is that her images share the authenticity of the month-long journey—everything from the jagged coastline edges to the misty layer of smoke from the dying fires. Her landscapes capture the grandeur and wonder of the coast with honesty despite imperfect conditions. It’s a pure, creative, heartfelt search for beauty. 

You’re invited to join this illuminated & resilient journey, through her passion poured into pages of carefully-captured images paired intentionally with personal essays from the road.

Journey along the edge through the eyes and vision of photographer Allison Davis to see what’s revealed in the West Coast landscapes and in your spirit as you connect with nature in this wondrous photographic exploration.


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As a Fine Art Photographer, Allison offers limited edition fine art prints, open edition prints, canvases, her debut fine art coffee table book "Revealed at the Edge," and more — all of your pieces can be built to suite your home decor with mattes and frames as well as limited edition signed prints for those who collect art and embrace supporting a local artist that inspires you. She cannot wait to see what you bring into your space to bring life and beauty and inspiration.


Follow her journey as she travels and photographs the east coast on Instagram @allisondavis.photography


Hope you'll find beauty here to bring into your home to enjoy every day. So happy you're here. - Allison 


Learn more: Allison Davis Co.

Allison Davis Revealed at the Edge
Allison Davis, photography, coffee table book, vedere press


verb (Italian)

"to see"

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