Abstract Landscape, Taylor Smith, Pop Art, Vedere Press Studio

Abstract Landscape with Pop Art Flowers #02 - Taylor Smith


on reclaimed silkscreen frame


Taylor Smith is a contemporary artist with  

a primary focus on blending oil painting  

with silkscreen printing, chemistry,  

mathematics and social commentary. 

Within Taylor’s work, she seeks to  

combine figuration and abstraction with 

elements of science, commercial imagery,  

traditional still life and portraiture. To accomplish this, Taylor not only finds  herself using a wide variety of materials and mediums including discarded  analog technology, silkscreen printing, vintage news headlines and  commercial packaging, but also incorporating mathematics, organic  chemistry, mechanics and photography into a work that has greater  meaning than the materials used to make it. Taylor also works with 8mm  film and other analog film mediums to blend the practice of filmmaking and  painting. Her recent work explores the relationship between abstraction and  the ordered world of still life and traditional portraiture. Ultimately Taylor’s intention is to blend painting with elements of technology, chemistry and  mechanics to create an unexpected and transformative experience. 

Taylor is currently a resident artist at the Mondavi Family-owned Charles  Krug Winery in Napa Valley California. She is also the official artist interior  design partner for Carnival Cruise Lines worldwide fleet and she is an Eli  Lilly Creative Renewal Arts Fellow. 


Taylor can be contacted directly at the following: 

Website: www.AbstractModern.com 

Email: TaylorSmithStudio@gmail.com 

Studio: 212 West 10th Street – Studio B360 

Indianapolis, IN 46202 

Telephone: 317.679.2258 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TaylorSmithContemporaryArt Instagram: www.Instagram.com/TaylorSmithStudio