Dave Fulghum, Photography, Iceland

Bakery on Frakkastigur St - Dave Fulghum


11 x 14"

The work of Bloomington, IL-based photographer Dave Fulghum is panoptic. While much of his portfolio centers on the bountiful natural world of landscapes, nature, and travel, he also has embraced portraiture and architectural studies and even the occasional abstraction. His knowledge of these diverse disciplines allow him to produce very unique images.


An avid outdoorsman and adventurer, Dave developed his eye for landscape and travel photography while living in the Intermountain West region of the United States. In applying architectural photography techniques to mountains, mesas and buttes, Dave found a unique approach and developed his signature style.


An award-winning photographer, Dave most recently garnered a ribbon in the 2021 McLean County Arts Center’s amateur show for Adult Graphics with one of his abstract images. Dave is currently working with the MCAC as head of a diverse Community Portrait Project and was the 2021 recipient of an NEA funded grant for said project.


Dave tries to bring a sense of humor and humanity to his images.


“If my images can inspire and individual to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, or go someplace they have never been before, or bring a smile to their face on an otherwise dreary day, I feel like I’ve done some good.”