Beano - The Tulip Factory

Beano - The Tulip Factory


16 x 20 (digital painting giclee print)


Artist Statement - The Tulip Factory (Neal Soley):

The  work  I  produce  is  the  product  of  self-expression,  realized  through  the  exploration  of  media.  The  linear  loops  throughout  my  work  serve  as  my  representation  of  self,  providing  a  string  of  commonality  spanning  a  variety  of  mediums.    Through  these  lines,  I  am  conveying  a  certain  emotion,  energy,  or  presence that is unique to each piece. 

Having  a  repetitive  theme  is  drawn  from  graffiti,  being  able  to  identify  an  artist  by  their  mark.    The  act  of  making  is  also  celebrated  throughout  Abstract  Expressionism, with the creation  of art being more  than process, but a part  of  the  artwork itself.  Living in an almost constant state of creation is borrowed from Pop  Art, specifically Warhol.  Working in this manner allows me to view each piece as a  product or artifact.  They hold their energy and continue to exist in a seemingly self-realized way, as I continue onward to whatever the next medium may be.


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