Allison Davis Photography, Glass Beach, Mendencino, California, Revealed at the Edge, Limited Edition

Glass Beach Mendencino Headlands Hwy 1 - Allison Davis


12x18 Limited Edition print

Allison Davis is a “Witness to Life & Beauty,” a photographer, an author, a designer & a traveler.  Beginning her post-college career as a journalist, she later developed a love for wedding photography and built a successful business photographing more than 400 weddings over 13 years. Seeking beauty and adventure and the hope of building a new life after years of feeling personally stuck, she moved from her lifelong home of the North Dallas metroplex to Ocean Beach in San Diego, California. 


Amidst the global pandemic of 2020, after losing her wedding business for the year, she pivoted into real estate photography briefly but found her artistic passion suffer between four walls. Casting a grand vision of photographing the west coast in 30 days, she set off to car-camp along the coast to photograph the natural beauty the coastal landscape offers while writing along the journey. Tracking each set of images by the mileage of her journey, Allison created her first fine art photographic coffee table book: “Revealed at the Edge.”


After a successful Kickstarter campaign of $38,000 to commission the first print run of “Revealed at the Edge,” Davis is thrilled to bring her artistic heart and spirit out of the digital world and into a beautiful, tangible artwork in the form of a fine art coffee table book. 


This 560-page, 9x12 art piece shares her vision and heart as an artist and what the coast revealed about the journey of life itself along with the captivating beauty of the west coast of America. Her Book Launch and Debut Solo Fine Art Photography Show “Revealed at the Edge” will share a limited edition print collection of 32 pieces from the experience that will speak to your spirit and will encourage you to seek beauty and live adventurously.