Marret Metzger, Humming Bird Bowl, Ceramics

Humming Bird Bowl - Marret Metzger Ceramics


Marret Metzger received her BFA from Ball State University in 2019. She continued her ceramic education at Indiana University and finished a one-year Post Baccalaureate program in 2021. She currently resides in Indianapolis, IN and is continuing to make work.


Growing up in rural Indiana I was raised to go play outside and discover the woods. As I have gotten older, I find myself missing those moments of inspecting a new flower or moth for the first time. The amazement of it all and the way I felt connected to my surroundings. Hiking and relaxing outside help to supplement that now and I hope to live my life in an intentional way, looking closer to detail and being grateful for intimate moments surrounded by nature and loved ones. Time feels increasingly more precious, and our ecosystem is fragile. With no idea of how much longer they will be with us I feel as though I am documenting parts of the native ecosystems in which I live, by carving them into clay as a semi-permanent way to keep these things alive in peoples’ minds. When I carve or draw these pollinators and plants I feel as though I am honoring them and giving them a voice or platform for people to notice them. By doing this I hope to bring a fun, elegant, and curious interpretation of nature into the domestic spaces we live in.