Graham Wills, Quarantine Chronicles, Liberty Lockdown

Liberty Lockdown - Graham Wills


12x18 photograph 1 of 1 

16x22 framed


Originally from West LA, Graham Wills has always had a passion for moving and still imagery. His dad majored in Architecture at the University of Texas, which he believes was the impetus for his photography. It’s in his blood.


As a kid, Graham would record music videos off the TV so he could study them frame by frame. He would make stop-motion movies with his toys. In college at UCSC, he began gluing cameras to his hip so that he’d never miss a moment in time. He’s been indoctrinated to capture, to create, to innovate.


In 2009, he traded in the palm trees and beaches for subways and skyscrapers. He’s resided in Lower Manhattan for over twelve years.


Photography has always required Graham’s head to be on a constant swivel. However, living in New York calls for a new level of awareness. Always looking up. Always searching for the unique and undiscovered. Always taking time-lapses, videos and stills. Always firing.


In March of 2020, before any of us knew what was about to go down, his best friend/mentor strongly encouraged him to purchase a new camera. That camera would come to save his life and be the catalyst for his Quarantine Chronicles.


The desolate city-that-never-sleeps, now in hibernation, felt ripe for documentation. The greatest canyons in the world were now juxtaposed by “stay at home.” Graham had a new responsibility - shoot and survive. And so he did. He stayed low and kept firing.


You can find Graham on Instagram at @gwillz