Nantucket's Great Point, David Zapatka, Photography

Nantucket's Great Point - David Zapatka


16 x 24 - Metal Print - Framed 

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We took the five-mile drive out to Nantucket, Massachusetts’s Great Point Lighthouse on a crystal clear, late summer night with the Milky Way in full display. After shooting several angles around the tower, we ended up on its south side with the camera pointed toward the north, which is the weaker view of the Milky Way. While most of the galactic core is in the southern flank, because the entire star cluster was so vibrant and strong, the north end shined spectacularly on this night. Earlier, we had a cookout with Sean’s brother-in-law, Tom, who was our guide while on the island. A park ranger stopped by to watch us at work. His office had given us permission to be at the lighthouse late into the night. By all accounts, it was a fantastic evening! Originally built in 1874, the current tower was rebuilt in 1986 after a storm destroyed the lighthouse.


Nantucket, Massachusetts, September 15, 2015, 8:19 p.m., 72°, calm conditions Nikon D4, 17-35mm lens at 17, ISO 3200, f2.8, 25 secs


I’m truly thankful to the Trustees of Reservations for believing in this project, and to Ranger Fred Pollnac for his essential help on the barrier beach. Thanks also to Tom Barada for being the evening’s tour guide.


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