Sarah Anderson, Ceramics

Octopus Cup - Sarah Anderson Ceramics


microwave & dishwasher safe, recommend handwashing.


Hey, I'm Sarah! I've been making pottery for about two years out of Indianapolis, Indiana. I have a degree in Sculpture from Ball State University & I'm the ceramic studio manager and instructor at the Indianapolis Art Center in Indiana. 

Plants give life, and remind us we are delicate beings. Plants have the power to heal, and to kill. I live in a family of gardeners, tending and caring for other living creatures has always been a way of life. Lyme disease influences my day to day routine, through dietary restrictions and mentally debilitating ways. I look to food for medicine, and multiple plant supplements that are slowly healing my broken mind and body. Bringing our weaknesses into the public is often the way to find private joy. 

Similar to a spinning primrose, I spend my time as currency. Within seconds, a primrose will burst open it's blooms at night, increasing it's chances for reproduction through the moth's pollination. This snapshot moment in time is so precious. We all want to experience those rare, out of the ordinary moments. It is my goal to capture the process of a plant's life cycle through the surface decoration of my ceramic work. I want to bring you into the healing world of plants.


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