Sarah Anderson, Ceramics

Pepper Decanter - Sarah Anderson Ceramics


Sarah Anderson was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana  for the first 19 years of her life. The next 4 years she spent  lived in Muncie, Indiana to receive her BFA in Sculpture from  Ball State University. Currently, Sarah live in Indianapolis,  Indiana where she has been an instructor, ceramic studio  manager, and working artist for 3 years.  

Sarah creates narratives in the surface of my pottery through  the technique called sgraffito, the Italian word for  scratching. Her work reflects reliefs and physical prints  because of the carving aspect. Sarah’s functional pottery is  inspired by patterns, tattoos, botanical illustrations,  narratives, and characters of her making. Each pot is created  with its own unique personality. The gestures, the simple  twist of a stem or flick of a wrist can bring these complicated  characters to life. There is play with perspective, and the  complexity in the foreground and background of a 2D  surface that sets Sarah’s work a part. 

When creating a conversation, no matter what that  conversation holds, there has been a successful work of art  created. When you drink your cup of coffee in the morning  and see a tangle of orchids or a frog fishing in the pond, let  it bring joy and conversation with those around you.  

Sarah Anderson