14"x18"  Mixed Media on Canvas


JanettMarie, a professional fine artist working in
Indiana, creates fun, colorful paintings and mixed
media work often described as whimsical. She
works in oils, acrylics, oil pastels, charcoal, ink,
graphite, and glitter — painting on paper, canvas,
and even HDPE recycle bins!
JanettMarie does themed work and gladly accepts
commissions. Her work depicts a variety of
subjects including buildings, houses, landscapes,
golf courses, sailboats, faces, figures, martinis,
cigars, bourbon, wine, apples, coffee cups, pears,
poppies, roses, flowers, and some imaginative
made‐up things. JanettMarie has probably painted

just about anything you can think of!

Series painting interests her, and she will usually paint a theme for 30 days in a row at least
twice a year. This woman really loves to paint! Follow her 30 paintings in 30 days (usually in
September and January) on Facebook, Instagram and her blog “JanettMarie’s Little Paintings.”
JanettMarie received her Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Herron School of Art, a division of Indiana
University. Before beginning her full‐time career as an artist, she spent several years working as
an engineer — her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering is from Tri‐State
University (now Trine University). With degrees in both science and art, experimenting with
different materials and conjuring up ways to use them in her art comes naturally to JanettMarie.
Her work has been displayed at the Alliance Gallery of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the
Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis, and as a part of many exhibitions at the art gallery
located in the Stutz Business and Art Center. She’s been a faithful participant in the Stutz Artists
Annual Open House since 2007. You may have seen her work in galleries located in West
Lafayette, IN and Cincinnati, OH. A Women In The Arts “Featured Artist,” JanettMarie’s work is
in collections all across the United States and Ireland.

She Smokes Cigars - JanettMarie