Nick Rasmussen, Landscape, Photography

Somewhere - Nick Rasmussen


Image: 16 x 11 (landscape)

Framed: 22 x 17 - Framed


I find it hard to put down my camera for even just a second in moments that make me feel like I'm dreaming, moments that bring out emotions and especially those that leave me with no words, which I believe comes as a side-effect of being an artist (and an enneagram four).  I experienced this jaw-dropping, dreamlike sensation back in 2018 during my first ever art residency in Iceland, and since then, I've been more in love with photography than ever before. 


Following my first residency, I edited and released a series titled "Utopia", displaying those otherworldly experiences and the in-between moments of life in that small village of Iceland, which is still my favorite set of images I've created to date.  Recently, I traveled back to Iceland to participate in my second art residency in the winter of 2019, creating two new photo series titled "A Trip To The Grocery Store" and "My Eyes Hurt From Staring At The Sun".  Both series embody the direction I am taking with my work, in style and in meaning.  They speak to the value of the mundane, of living in the present and letting our surroundings take us to a different realm.  I take photos, packed with as much emotion as possible, so I can revive part of what it felt like to be in moments passed and give others a chance to think and experience what I see and feel.  This translates to everything I photograph, from weddings to landscapes.  I am a storyteller, using natural light to my advantage, and most everyone describes my style as intimate and cinematic.


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