Stoneware/Preserved Flowers by Kristian Stephens

Stoneware/Preserved Flowers by Kristian Stephens


“You are mine, I am yours, we are One. All is well."


Though inspired by Ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of floral design, it is imperative to notethat this ceramic collection is not an Ikebana floral arrangement. Instead, I have gatheredelements observed in the Ikebana practice to convey the unifying nature of vase and flower asOne and its resemblance to self and nature as One. Combining clay and flowers empowerseach to rely on the other thus generating a greater sense of harmony, truth, and purpose for thecollective.


Kristian Stephens is an Indianapolis-based ceramic artist and floral designer. She honors both of these specialties by frequently combining the two in collections found in her online shop, local galleries, and weddings/event projects. She has worked in sculpture and art installation for the last 10 years. Following the start of her pottery production company, Lady Made Pottery Co. in 2017, her work is now sold globally from

her online shop and select retail locations around the US. She teaches pottery classes and workshops at Arts for Lawrence and offers private lessons at her studio.