The Elephant Who Finds Empathy, Alyson Murphy, Children's Book, Illustration

The Elephant Who Finds Empathy - Alyson Murphy


From Alyson Murphy, manner’s coach and the bestselling author of The Manatee Who Finds Mindfulness, The Elephant Who Finds Empathy is a timely story about the importance of being able to understand the feelings and needs of others.
When Ellie’s lack of empathy results in losing her friend in the vast African savanna, she’s surprised to find that the empathy she receives from neighboring wildlife is what leads her back to her friend.
The sweet rhyming text and beautiful watercolor illustrations celebrate the life-changing benefits of learning to appreciate different points of view and the ways kindness, compassion, and empathy enhance friendship.

The book also includes a beginners guide to teaching empathy, whether at home or in the classroom, that is great for all ages.

Targeted for ages 2-10, but a reminder to all ages the importance of kindness, compassion and empathy.


You can find additional copies of Alyson's book here.