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What to Expect

(as an author)

As an author, you will be fully involved throughout the entire process to ensure that your content remains YOUR content and that your work truly captures your unique style. Our authors receive personalized, top of the line, white-glove treatment catered to their unique goals.

We certainly don’t believe that one size fits all—especially when it comes to art. We are fully committed to creating the highest quality books that maintain the integrity of the artist’s work. 


Design & Formatting Process:

We work with you to design your book. Nothing goes to the printer without your approval.

Is your book already formatted? You can provide your own print-ready files and get straight to the proofing and printing stage. 

Need some help designing and formatting your project? Work directly with our in-house design team to ensure you have a high-quality, professional, print-ready book with a barcode, logo, & ISBN.

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